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Wall Art

Our art and wall decor reflect farmhouse style with wood slat signs, metal wall art, plaques, wall hangings, and more. Here you will find kitchen wall decor, bedroom wall decor, and wall accents for any room of the house.


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Our Family Framed Shiplap Sign, 20"

This framed sign focuses on family and measures 20" square x ¾" deep. It displays a heartfelt message on vertical pieces of shiplap that reads, "Our family is a circle of strength and love. Founded on faith, joined in love, kept by God, together forever."

Galvanized Metal Star, 24"

The patriotic shape and sturdy design of our galvanized metal stars make them ideal decorations for any time of year. This star measures 24” in diameter and hangs from a small hole at the top. Whether you hang it in the living room, barn, or garage, this decoration is a great way to display your love of the country.

Galvanized Metal Star, 18"

This pastoral star accent is made from galvanized metal. It measures 18” in diameter and can hang year-round. This decoration is perfect for any country-inspired home.

Galvanized Metal Star, 12"

Measuring 12” in diameter, this galvanized metal star has a sturdy design. Great as a seasonal or year-round ornament, it’s easy to incorporate this farmhouse staple into your décor.

Galvanized Metal Star, 8"

Hang this rustic metal star as a seasonal decoration on patriotic holidays or during any time of the year. It measures 8” in diameter and is made from galvanized metal with rust accents.

Galvanized Metal Star, 5½"

The star shape of this galvanized metal accent makes it a great way to display patriotism throughout the year. It measures 5½” in diameter and is a classic addition to any farmhouse décor.

Galvanized Metal Star, 3½"

The rust accents on this aged star give it a pastoral look. Measuring 3½” in diameter, this piece is made from galvanized metal and includes a hole at the top for easy hanging.

Framed Watercolor Wall Art, 20" - Fall

Our framed watercolor fall art is a simple and elegant way to decorate for the season. It measures a 20” square x ¾” deep and depicts a beautiful autumn-inspired wreath above the words, “Welcome fall.”

Framed Watercolor Wall Art, 20" - Merry

This piece of framed watercolor art displays the words, “Have yourself a merry little Christmas,” in typewriter-style font. Measuring a 20” square x ¾” deep, it adds just the right amount of cheerfulness to your home.

Farmer's Market Arrow

This arrow sign is made from aged metal with cut-out lettering that reads, “Farmers’ Market.” Hanging from a jute chord, it measures 6½” high x 24” wide. This rustic accent is perfect for the kitchen or any room in a farmhouse-inspired home.

Decorative Wall Bike

Our decorative wall bike is made from distressed metal and hangs against the wall from two nail holes. It measures 28” high x 18½” wide x 5½” deep. The classic bike design adds character to any room. Please see related items for florals (not included).

The Olde Farmhouse Sign

The Olde Farmhouse Plaque is a rustic wooden sign with a distressed, mint green finish and features the phrase "The Olde Farmhouse" in block lettering, painted black and white. Sign hangs on two d-ring loops and measures 5½" high by 21" wide.

Laugh and Love Metal Sign

This sign is made of natural wood with a thin sheet of galvanized metal with the cut-out words "Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live." Sign measures 24" high by 18.75" wide. Sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers.

Framed Home Sweet Home Sign

This wooden box sign features the phrase "Home sweet home" in whimsical, modern-style script. The background is a crackle-textured cream color that looks antiqued with a natural wood frame around it. This sign hangs from two d-ring loops on the back and measures 12" square by 1" deep.

Family Star Shadowbox Sign

This large farmhouse-style sign measures 15" square by 1¾" deep and is made out of horizontal, whitewashed shiplap that is recessed in its frame. A wooden cutout of a star with a sheet of galvanized metal on it says "family" in white script lettering. This sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers and would look wonderful in the living room, kitchen, or wherever family gathers.

Enjoy Life Clock

This wooden wall clock measures 13" in diameter and has the appearance of whitewashed, distressed wood for a vintage look. This clock features roman numerals and the phrase "Enjoy life one moment at a time" under the clock hands. It hangs from a keyhole in the back and requires 1 AA battery, not included.

Love Lives Here Metal Heart Sign, 2/asst

Measuring 15" high by 14¼" wide, these signs are heart-shaped and are made out of natural wood with a thin galvanized metal sheet adhered to the sign. The metal sheet has the cutout words in it that say "Love lives here" and on the other sign says "Love you to the moon and back". These signs hang on a sawtooth hanger and would look lovely in the master bedroom.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

In This Home Signs, 2/Asst

These signs measure 10½" high by 13¾" wide and are made of wood and galvanized metal. They feature the phrases, "In our HOME let love abide and bless all those who step inside," and "May your home be a place where friends meet, family gathers, and love grows," respectively. They hang from two sawtooth hangers.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.