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Candle Holders

Catch spilling wax before it damages furniture, or create a country chic way to display multiple candles. 


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Cement Votive Holder

Our Cement Votive Holder is the perfect way to display any votive candle. It adds the ageless look of cement to any home and measures 4½” high x 3” diameter. Please note: item does not include votive candle.

Cement Taper Block

Our Cement Taper Block measures as a 1¾” square. The gray color and rough texture of the cement gives it a classic look and feel that makes it ideal for holding any battery-operated taper candle. Please note: taper candle is a prop and is not included with the block.

Rustic Double Lanterns, 2/set

These blue lanterns are made from rusted metal and come in a set of two. Their sizes are 14½” high x 7¾” diameter and 18” high x 9¾” diameter. These items have a hinged top and a clasp opening at the front to allow easy access for candles (not included). These old-fashioned accents are terrific for adding a little extra light to any room.

Hanging Bird Feeder

Our Hanging Bird Feeder is made from metal and measures 12” high x 6½” wide. Its weathered appearance creates a vintage atmosphere to the room. Add some warmth with a votive candle (not included) or some floral accents. This item is for decorative purposes only.

Family Where Life Begins Candle Block

The Family Where Life Begins Block measures 3¾” high x 3¾” wide x 4” deep with a 3½" diameter pan adhered to the top. It features the phrase, “Family where life begins and love never ends,” in white script against a dark wood block. Brighten up any room by adding votive or tea light candles (sold separately).

Home Sweet Home Candle Block

This wood block with distressed edges features a 3½" diameter pan, perfect for votive or tea light candles. It measures 3¾” high x 3¾" wide x 4” deep and features the phrase, “Home sweet home,” in white lettering. Great as a table centerpiece or for the mantle, place it anywhere in your home. Please see related items for candles (sold separately).

Love Lives Here Candle Block

This dark brown wooden block features the phrase, “Love lives here,” in white lettering. Adhered with a 3½" diameter metal pan, this table-top decoration measures 3¾” high x 3¾” wide x 4" deep and works well with votive or tea light candles. Candles are sold separately.

Large Metal Candle Tray

This Large Metal Candle tray is made out of smooth metal with a galvanized look, that measures 9½" in diameter. It stands on a wooden pedestal that has been hand-painted white. The pedestal measures 8¼" high. This candle tray is perfect for pillar candles, or for displaying a group of tealights and votives.

Small Metal Candle Tray

This 7" candle tray is made out of galvanized, smooth metal and is perfect for a pillar candle or a group of votives and tealights. It stands on a wooden pedestal that has been hand-painted white. The pedestal measures 7.5" high. This would look lovely with any country or farmhouse decor, or with a mantle or centerpiece arrangement.

Believe, Family, Love Candle Blocks, 3 asst.

These assorted blocks are made of solid wood and are painted white with slightly distressed edges. On each block, there is a candle pan adhered to the top that fits a standard tea light or votive candle (not included). Each block features metal star that reads "Family", "Love" and "Believe", respectfully, in white script lettering. Candle blocks measure 3¾" square overall, with a 3½" pan.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Grateful Votive Block

This whitewashed wooden block is slightly distressed on the edges and showcases a metal candle pan adhered to the top. Perfect fit for votive candles, this block measures 3¾" square overall, with a 3½" diameter pan. It features an image of a bundle of lavender on it with the phrase "Grateful thankful & blessed" in brown block lettering and would look lovely in the farmhouse-inspired living room.

Chicken Wire Votive Holder

Great for displaying small candles with a rustic farm style, the Chicken Wire Votive Holder is made of glass and is wrapped in metal chicken wire. It measures 2 1/2" high by 2 3/4" wide. Candles are not included.